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Watt? CFL’s Cause Cancer?

On July 28, 2012, in U.S. News, by Paul Swansen

A report from a German study finds that the purported environmentally friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s),  have cancer causing chemicals that are sent out when you switch on the light

A compact fluorescent lamp for general or home use

A compact fluorescent lamp for general or home use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in your home or office.  The report goes on to say that the bulbs should not be left on for extended periods of time due to the poisonous materials emitted by the CFL’s.

The report by the scientists indicate that the CFL’s release chemicals that are both carcinogenic and toxic to those nearby.  Those chemicals include naphthalene, phenol and styrene.

Add to the german study a recent study by Stony Brook University which looked at how the invisible UV rays CFL bulbs emit affect the skin.  Based on the research, scientists concluded that CFL light bulbs can be harmful to healthy skin cells.  The study found that peoples healthy skin reaction was consistent with exposure to either  CFL bulbs or damaging ultraviolet radiation.

The Stony Brook University study went on to caution that, despite their large energy savings, consumers should be careful when using compact fluorescent light bulbs.   The research showed it is best to avoid using CFL’s in close proximity to people,  and that they are safest when placed behind an additional glass cover.

The CFL bulbs are widely used both in the U.S. and the UK.  The UK began phasing out incandescent lighting in 2011 and Congress with the passage of the 2007 energy bill, begins the phase out of incandescent lighting in 2012 thru 2014.

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71 Responses to “Watt? CFL’s Cause Cancer?”

  1. Everything causes everything.Period.

  2. Justin Ihnat says:

    Isn’t this all part of the big plan? The masses get sick, go to doctor under obamacare, get sent home, die of passive euthanasia(on purpose to thin the population).

  3. Bob Langis says:

    Listening to liberals is one of the most dangerous things people can do.

  4. Justin Ihnat says:

    Isn’t this all part of the big plan? The masses get sick, go to doctor under obamacare, get sent home, die of passive euthanasia(on purpose to thin the population).

  5. Nick LaDuca says:

    The CFLs contain mercury. You can’t just say that going green can cause cancer. It’s just these lightbulbs.

  6. Thunder Bush says:

    If you have a CFL break you need to have a haz mat crew come out. Mercury is a nasty nasty substance.

    • RobG says:

      In Canada that’s the actual, legal requirement if one of those things breaks in a school or other government building! If it breaks in your home they don’t care…

  7. Nick Prusia says:

    Well what DOESN’T give you cancer these days?

  8. Mark Cheney says:

    This is BS. EVERYTHING can give you cancer. Operative word……CAN. Not that it will, mind you.

  9. I’ve been saying that for years , and years, and …….

  10. Bill Jackson says:

    This can’t be. Because the Incandescent light bulbs are bad for us Humans. Dipshit Politicians!

  11. I hope all of the congressional offices have CFLs!

  12. Nothing surprises me….hello these have mercury in them….duh

    • Mike O says:

      True. Have you seen the latest generation of these CFLs? They are coated with an opaque rubbery coating. Allegedly the coating contains glass and contents should it shatter. Also is supposed to help protect against impact. I’ll rush right out and break one to see if it is true. Not.

  13. WOW! That is bad news.

  14. Justin Ihnat says:

    It’s just these light bulbs the govt has pushed on the people who do not want to have Hazmat teams arriving at their house when one breaks. More govt? No thanks.

  15. Steven Polk says:

    Use LED lights, they cost more but the last forever!

    • Don says:

      Oh yeah. A $50 lightbulb is affordable, espeically when a gallon of milk has gone up 155% in the past 4 years. There’s NOTHING wrong with incandescent lightbulbs.
      I was stupid and bought some CFLs a few years back. When they burn out I’m going to toss them in the parking lot of the local EPA office.

  16. As long as it doesn’t harm the environment, it’s ok if it kills people since environmentalists theorize that humans are a cancer to nature.

  17. So going green will have you GLOWING green! LOL!

  18. I too am stocking up on incandescent bulbs and sticking with them until LED arrays become cheap enough.

  19. Who do you believe any more in this sick world we live in. God protect us from the sick minds out there that would try to harm us.

  20. Those things give me effin migraines

  21. And they don’t last like they said they would.All in all I think is was a bad idea.

  22. Joe Becker says:

    they legislated in the CFLs because there was no other work for electricians but to ‘upgrade’ existing stuff to energy efficient equipment. lucky for me i am pretty skilled in this kind of work and will be readily available to change them all back, i started 3 years ago with that…

  23. Damn doo gooders trying to control American’s every move. Finding out many green materials emit gasses in landfills.

  24. If the government says it, you can bet it’s NOT TRUE:) just sayin’ is all!!! Haha!!!!!!!!

  25. Bryan Sloat says:

    Going green might kill you, but the govt invested research grant money into them so they want you to use them.

    • Don says:

      BINGO!! And the companies who make them line the pockets of the politicians who forced them down our throats.

  26. Jim Bless says:

    yeah but youll feel good about it

  27. Kate Tietje says:

    We’ve refused to buy these for awhile now. There’s the mercury issue, and we also found they didn’t last longer, the light they emitted wasn’t very pleasing, and they’re far more expensive. “Lose” all the way around.

  28. Voting for Obama causes brain tumors

  29. Grady Hardin says:

    The china ones also catch on fire all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I know it was a bad idea……but none of them will admit it!!!

  31. Chris Knecht says:

    algore promised us they were safe.. I’m shocked!

  32. Sounds like living in the 50’s was safer.

  33. Look what happens when the federal government gets envolved with the masses? It just allowed ge to add trillions of dollars to their coffers. Oh, that’s right, the ass in Washington ia buddies with ge.

  34. They also come a part when they die, usually with in 6 months. These things have mercury in them as well as cadium in them. Very bad for the environment. These bulbs are a lie from the government. Always wondered if there is something in the base that maybe the government can spy on you. They are pushing these things on us real hard. Maybe, maybe not?

  35. here’s a tip people. Micro Center sells LED light bulbs that are supposedly powerful enough to light an entire room. 5w LED = 60w incandescent apparently. Check it out. G33KS R00L!

  36. Noreen M. Anthonyh-Tabar says:

    It is already known, at least to me and my circle of friends. If that light bulb breaks, you need a HAZMAT suit to clean it up. What a load of crock that it is mandatory to use those bulbs. I am stocking up on the old bulbs, cause I don’t want to get sick from those bulbs and to have to us “Obmacare” to get well.

    • William Sea says:

      So far, I have gathered approximately 5 cases of 50’s 60’s and 75 watt bulbs and store them in my attic. I look for sales and get as many as I can.

      I will not let the new pieces of junk in my house. Anything the bastaxx in wASHINGTON says is good for… you look out!

      oh yea…White mice cause cancer!
      Homer Sea

  37. Yep – without us, we would all live a btter life. lol

  38. whether or not they cause cancer, govt AINT telling me what kind of light bulb to use, i’ve been stocking up on the good ol incandescents!

  39. It wouldn’t be so bad IF we had a choice between these ‘green’/unsafe ones OR the old reliable/safe ones!

  40. Don’t use them. Use the old ones. Going Green is a fraud these days.

  41. So now the leftists not only want to RUIN the nation, they also want to KILL us.

  42. The amount of stupid on this page literally hurts.

    Instead of “liberty” all this promotes is radical- right-wing propaganda.

    • William Sea says:

      If you ever need dental work, I have the name of a good proctologist who could help you. It is apparent you have your head so far up your ass no one else could assist.
      have a good day !
      Homer Sea

  43. Brent Parks says:

    So prefer to contribute to (bogus) global warming and use incandescent bulbs. 🙂

  44. Morgan Beach says:

    Honestly if you see this why don’t you wonder why they knowingly do it? Look into gmo causes cancer and sterility, then check thee cancer rates since 1994 when gmo was introduced. The vaccines have had mercury in them along with live cancer viruses. The meat us pink slim sprayed with viruses. They are openly soft killing you! Wake uo everything you know is a lie. Look up mercury good for you children you will get a news report saying it. Check out bill gates uses vaccines to depopulate the world. Look at 47000 people in india contract polio from polio vaccine. I’m not making this up, look into it!!! Please for your own sake.

  45. Bought those things installed them. Rebate from power co. Could not wait to open power bill. Thought I was going to save some money. No way bill was higher. Saw some of the old time bulbs in Home Depot. Cleaned them out. Thought those things were to last 7 years. 17 years in my house and many bulbs still working from the builder. They are just garbage.

  46. going green has always been a fraud!

  47. WHAT A CROCK how did they come up with magic chemical that can penetrate giass, especialy since it would also have to escape the vacume, and the uv rads everything that generates light produces uv rays

    • Mike O says:

      Heat from the operating lamp causes the plastics in the base to emit gases.

    • Bill says:

      Helium is a chemical. It penetrates glass. But I think they mean the chemicals come from the electronic ballast in the base of the bulb, not from inside the glass tube.

  48. Pat Murphy says:

    that’s right!!

  49. Gr8Britton says:

    What German report and Stony Brook report? I’d like to see the facts of the report.

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