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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle...

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wave to the crowd as they make their way down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2009 presidential inaugural parade in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington’s 1789 inauguration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t forget to bring photo ID to Obama’s inauguration. Lets review –

A quick search finds the following requirement for photo ID in our daily lives,

Adoption Agency

Applying for a business license

Applying for permission to hold a protest or rally

Buying Beer, Wine, or Liquor

Buying cigarettes

Collecting your lottery winnings.

Donating to your local Blood Bank

Entry to Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law building

Entry to the Department of Justice

Getting a bank account

Hospital Services

Michelle Obama Book Signing

NAACP Requires Photo I.D. to See Holder Speak

Pawn Shop

Pharmacy Services

Purchasing a gun at your local gun shop

Purchasing a house or other real estate

Purchasing OTC medicine that contains pseudoephedrine

Renting a motor vehicle

Renting an apartment

School Registration

Securing employment

Social Security Office

State Division of Motor Vehicles

TSA requirement for flying at any U.S. Airport

Writing a Check. (for those of you old school types.)

So will we see copious news reports of the disenfranchisement and suppression of those wanting to attend the inauguration due to the photo ID requirement. Stay tuned.


Don’t forget to bring photo ID to Obama’s inauguration; Also, expect searches, sharpshooters: ”

Chances are you didn’t need to show photo identification to vote for President Obama, but if you’re going to witness his inauguration in person Jan. 21, you’d better be prepared to prove who you are. Bring the kids’ IDs too. Why? Racism, duh.

The Washingtonian provides these handy tips for those headed to D.C. to cheer on the president:

Be prepared with valid ID (for yourself and every member of the family). Expect personal searches. Overhead will be air patrols. Sharpshooters will stand at the tops of buildings. Every surveillance camera in the city will be lit up. The security forces involved include the Metropolitan Police Department, the Capitol Police, the US Park Service Police, the Secret Service, and the Executive Protective Service.

Wow, sounds like there’ll be a lot of guns there. The Washingtonian also recommends you leave the following at home with your firearms: ‘backpacks, packages, suitcases, thermoses, coolers, pocket tools, sticks or poles, umbrellas, laser pointers, posters, alcohol, animals (except for service animals), and large bags.’

So, how soon until we hear cries of the administration trying to suppress attendance by asking for ID? Probably about the same time we’ll see protests against armed sharpshooters being stationed among a crowd filled with children, we’d guess.

(Via Twitchy.)

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47 Responses to “Don’t forget to bring photo ID to Obama’s inauguration.”

  1. Dallas Heltzell says:

    These requirements have been in place for attending every inauguration in the past generation, for presidents of both parties. Why single out Obama? Nothing to see here.

  2. Paul Swansen says:

    Dallas – Thanks for the comment. While I’m sure there are those of us who are aware of the requirement, the overall photo ID conversation is still a work in progress.

  3. Roy says:

    To all of those posting that they had to show ID to vote, I also had to show ID, but Obama didn’t win most states that require IDs but he did win EVERY state that doesn’t require ID in order to vote by numbers that are just ridiculous. More than one county in Ohio had over a 100% voter turnout and nobody wants to question it.

  4. I wouldn’t go if the picked me up!

  5. Show voter ID maybe?

  6. It’s preposterous, but nothing is surprising anymore.

  7. Ya, Right….I’ll do that when he shows me his Birth certificate

  8. Huey Davis says:

    This is ironic!

    Don’t need an ID to vote for his ass, yet need one to watch him take office they voted for him to have!

  9. Patrick Fern says:

    What a shame I’ll miss it

  10. Matt Dancer says:

    Post what we need to do to impeach obummer

  11. Matt Dancer says:

    Post what we need to do to impeach him

  12. impeach hell. lock this traitor up!!

  13. adding to the long list of double standards.

  14. Kevin Briner says:

    I had to give my photo ID to vote. We should seriously only post things that are true otherwise we are no better than the libs.

    • Nancy says:

      In what state do you live? In the great commonwealth of Virginia, a utility bill will do–so much for ID!

    • Todd says:

      ID to vote is only required in some states. All I had to tell them was my name and address in NC. I could have early voted for many people if I wanted to.

    • Phil Jackson says:

      I live in California and have never been asked to show ANY form of ID to vote.

  15. Derek Smith says:

    I had to show ID to vote.

  16. I wouldn’t go if he paid all of my expenses.

  17. Sani Adam says:

    That means illegal aliens that voted for him can’t attend.

  18. Ken Myers says:

    This means that the majority of people that voted for him aren’t allowed at his inauguration!

  19. Kathy Rhoad says:

    Guess some of his ‘voters’ will be unable to attend….

  20. Obama lost every state that required photo ID. It make it tough on illegals and dead people to vote.

  21. cancel the inaugeration pending his treason trial…

  22. He has made many enemies. 🙂

  23. Todd Westby says:

    So how will all the illegal aliens get in since it’s too hard to get one to vote wouldn’t the same be true for the crowning of the king?

  24. Ken Napp says:

    you didn’t need one to vote for him!!

  25. There is only one sound I wish I could hear at his ceremony! Care to take a guess?

  26. Jim Matha says:

    That will eliminate 80% of those who voted for him.

  27. Know the sound, waiting for it.

  28. Only Nobama ass kissers and sheeple will be attending

  29. Troy Cooper says:

    There is no way I would even if the paid me one trillion dollars.

  30. Id tape my ID to my ass so when they asked to see it. I would say while your lookin pucker up butter cup.

  31. I won’t need one cause I won’t be going…….

  32. But you don’t need it to vote. There are some kids from GA going to the inauguration. It cost $1000 per kid for 4 days. And of course they want the publics fininacial help to get them there! NOT ONE FRIGGIN RED CENT FROM THIS TAXPAYER!

  33. And how do the dead folks that voted for him get an ID? Just wondering…

  34. Guess you won’t see the illegals who voted for Obama at the inaugurnation then…better hang on folks,its going to be a bumpy ride!

  35. Wow many of his voter’s are left out, but he doesn’t care, he got what he wanted from them!!

  36. One cannot help but love the hypocrisy. NOT!

  37. Gus Anderson says:

    Voting is a RIGHT……eating cold chicken and green beans with the President is NOT A RIGHT.

  38. oh really now?why not?

  39. Ken Crowe says:

    What wait. Has Holder filed a law suite yet. Never mind I forgot we are talking about the double standard DNC liberals.

  40. DwightMann says:

    A child must show a birth certificate to play little leagu it ise baseball. Sometimes it is important.

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