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Oklahoma Taco Bell slashes worker hours due to Obamacare. We knew this was coming and yet it continues to be news.

The 2012 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, estimated that the average individual employee cost of health coverage would rise 6.5 percent in 2013. More than half of the employers surveyed plan to shift the cost increase to their employees. Small business’s and their employees will see changes in their 2012 W2’s they receive in January of 2013.

If your a small business that employs 50 or more, you have a decision to make beginning in 2014. Your business can sponsor a health plan for 100% of their workers or pay $750 per worker in penalties to the federal government. A business might opt to take the penalty and do away with health insurance seeing as paying the annual penalty might be less expensive. This option would leave the employees uninsured, and for them to go to state health plan exchanges to buy health coverage that could be more expensive.

Some small business analysts think that increased insurance costs will discourage business hiring in the next decade. The reasoning? The new reforms don’t put any caps on health insurance premiums. Therefor insurance companies have every reason to hike rates before the new health insurance exchanges appear in 2014 “to increase competition.”

Lets also not forget the previous news reports regarding the Darden Restaurant’s and Pappa Johns. More recently there has begun a great hue and cry against Wendy’s as well. Will the statist supporters of President Obama and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), ever learn that government intervention in private enterprise, is beneficial to no one?

The bleeding continues: Okla. Taco Bell slashes worker hours due to Obamacare: ”

Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to improve workers’ quality of life?

Wonder if ThinkProgress thugs plan to teach this Taco Bell a lesson.


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40 Responses to “Oklahoma Taco Bell slashes worker hours due to Obamacare.”

  1. Vince Gomez says:

    The next recession will be Bush’s fault, too.

  2. But its supposed to be FREE!!!!!!!

  3. obama is putting more people into provery!!!!!!

  4. We will see posts like this in the thousands…and thousands. . SAD.!

  5. Another factor to consider is that due to the “slashed” workers’ hours, more workers will need to be hired to cover all shifts. This benefits the states as they receive additional State Unemployment Tax on the first $xx in salary. (For instance, in TN, employers must pay the premium rate of unemployment on the first $9,000 paid to every employee.) More employees, more state unemployment taxes paid by the employers.

  6. Because Taco Bell workers, since they have jobs, are “the rich”

  7. Obama needs to be tried as a traitor, or impeached as incompetent and a liar!

  8. Ken Myers says:

    It will be interesting to see how many businesses close up this year. Interesting, but not good.

  9. I see no problem with companies having to do this to save their company

  10. Bill White says:

    Why single out Taco Bell? Employers all over have payroll plans that depend on a mix of part time to full time employees. The old rules said that 32 hours or less was part time and PT emps were held to that. Now that standard has been lowered. This is natural and NOT unjust, on the part of the employer–they didn’t change the standards.

  11. Sally Davis says:

    All part of the Cloward-Piven -Obama plan.

  12. Tommy Ester says:

    And they won’t be the only one’s, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  13. Obama will always find someone else to blame. What a shining example he is. Parents everywhere can point to our president and say “Look kids, you should take responsibility for your choices instead of trying to blame someone else for your mistakes just like our president does.” Oh wait, I forgot. We don’t have a president like that. We have a president who has never taken responsibility for any of his many bad decisions but is constantly jumping in the limelight to exploit any photo op that feeds his narcissism.

    • john says:

      well said!

    • Andi Price says:

      Thank you for summing up my fragmented feelings. The impotence of this situation leaves me frustrated and angry. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that there could be clear evidence of Obama committing the most egregious and heinous acts imaginable and the media would turn a blind eye to it. The things the media is NOT reporting are mind-boggling and too many voters didn’t bother to investigate their candidate before voting. Our ancestors realized that it would take a bloody revolution to free us from a tyrannical government and we need to start getting accustomed to the idea, too.

  14. They were probably his number one supporters!

  15. Ace Salyers says:

    no problem, how about people trying to feed there families and pay there bills?

  16. Ace Salyers says:

    here missy have some more kul ade…

  17. Maybe they should have voted better, elections have consequences!

  18. Michael Babb says:

    Less work hours creates more government dependence, just what the hood rat wants.

  19. At least they are still in business, some long standing companies are just shutting their doors

  20. Thanks Obamacare….slashing worker hours will certainly help our economy….NOT! Obama and his followers = IDIOTS!

  21. This how the government is gonna pay back it debt!!!

  22. It so sad that it is coming to this becuz of that IDIOT!!!!!!!

  23. It was inevitable. In order to avoid crippling requirements imposed by ObamaCare, major corporations and many small businesses will be reducing employee hours, and shifting from full-time employees to part-time employees

  24. Ryan McQuary says:

    this is old news…they threatened it with the first word of Obamacare

  25. Brent Lamb says:

    Only the beginning of the cuts employers will have to make to stay in business.

  26. Check the rest of the Pepsico companies

  27. Wait for it…the Libtards will be boycotting Taco Bell now!

  28. Jason Dubrow says:

    Slash hours and hire more people! Hooray more people will be employed! */sarcasm*

  29. Bob Singer says:

    Saw a similar report on Wendy’s

  30. Randy Carazo says:

    Harris teeter Supermarkets seem to have implemented the same policy.

  31. Another thank you from America, Obama!

  32. Gus Anderson says:

    Take more people hostage till you get your way.

  33. Donald Grant says:

    Krystal Hamburgers of Chattanooga, TN which sold out like Coca Cola to Atlanta, GA has done the same thing as this Alpo Bell.

  34. […] Hours cut by Obamacare, is becoming more of a trend rather than simply a specific business anomaly. Fast food provider, Taco Bell was a recent participant in this […]

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